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The A Block E23: Two Poops on the Floor



Article written by:On3 imageKSR
The A Block Podcast

The A Block is now an ice cream podcast. In honor of national Ice Cream Month the girls go IN on their definitive ice cream rankings. Highlights from a holiday weekend extravaganza:

  • A little exercise talk because *balance* 
  • Very important updates on Harry & Meghan 
  • The latest in true crime
  • Reality show roundup 
  • Of course, some great favorite things/self care talk
  • Light bragging on lactose tolerance 

Join us! Send us questions to [email protected], Twitter @theablockpod or on Instagram at @theablockpod. You can hear each episode on the Kentucky Sports Radio feed and also by subscribing to The A Block on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Thanks to our presenting sponsor, Relix Bridal.

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