The Calipari Manifesto

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cal pointers Coach Cal is getting a lot of grief from the haters today about his string of philosophical recruiting tweets from this morning. However, I think they are worth defending (surprise). Calipari's perspective on putting the kids and their future first pays dividends for not only the players, but the schools, the fans, and all the UK coaches. Let him break it down for you via twitter:
You want to know why players are picking Kentucky? Here's what I think: Their families trust us with their child. They know we're about education and they know we're going to do what we say. They know we have their child's interest on the forefront of our minds. It's players first. Players know they are going to get better on and off the court ... and if they work hard and play for their teammates, they can reach their potential and their dreams. Lastly, we're not trying to recruit kids to our style of play. We're recruiting kids to try to do everything we can to make them better. It's more about them being the best player they can be than playing a certain style. All of our players get better, and that's what they're looking for. Bottom line, they know our #SuccessRate.

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