The Coach K World Crying Tour Continues

The Coach K World Crying Tour Continues

Matt Jonesabout 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
crying.bmp Harken back a few months to the end of the Patrick Patterson recruitment. As we were getting the last of the in-home visits from Billy Clyde, Billy D and Coach K, stories would drift out about how these visits were handled. We heard of the professionalism of Billy D, the tireless work ethic of Billy Clyde.....and the tears of Coach K. Yes, if you remember the Pattersons commented on the fact that Coach K cried in their house....and I remember one conversation with Patrick in particular where he seemed to find that whole display a bit....well.....unconvincing. Well it seems that the act is still in full "go" mode. This week, Elliot Williams, a great young player from Tennessee picked the Blue Devils over the Vols (talk about a terrible twosome) and was quoted as saying that when he told Coach K, the Coach "got teary-eyed." Awww, isnt that sweet. 17 year old kids coming to your school makes you cry.....Coach K, you are so sensitive.....

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