The Continued Phenomenon of "Cigar Guy"

Matt Jonesalmost 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
cigarmatt1 Earlier today we told you of the story of "Cigar Guy", the newest internet celebrity that is not a part of Brett Favre's anatomy, who found himself in the background of a Tiger Woods picture and is now all over the internet world. While we certainly didnt introduce the story (it has been everywhere for the last couple of days), I cant help but jump on it now as the guy (a) clearly has the most awesome getup in history and (b) has an expression on his face that is beyond priceless. Since the earlier post, many of you have said that you love "Cigar Guy" and one of you even sent in the above picture, taking me out of the Enes/Erin Andrews shot and adding our newest celebrity. If you have any others that are from famous UK or KSR moments, send them on our way. Otherwise, here is another set of pictures (courtesy of and when you click on the "more" button, some of which absolutely crack me up. I hope you enjoy them on an otherwise slow Thursday night: cigarmatt8 cigarmatt2 cigarmatt3 cigarmatt4 cigarmatt5 cigarmatt10 cigarmatt7 cigarmatt9 cigarmatt6

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