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uk_rush_1a1 Coach Cal and his boys will get started on their open practice at Freedom Hall in about 30 minutes and, since there are a number of us not "repping the 502" (I think that's what they say in Louisville) and won't be present, we've worked out an exclusive hookup for KSR readers.  We've partnered with EA Sports to bring you this in-depth breakdown of the Dribble-Drive, which was posted a long time ago on the NCAA Basketball '10 website. Enjoy. And, just in case you're in a somewhat close proximity to Louisville and wanted to purchase a few tickets to tomorrow's game with UNC-Asheville with that holiday bonus you just got, there is good news for you. Tickets to Monday's game at Freedom Hall are still available. It's a great chance to again establish Big Blue Dominance in "The Ville" and anything short of a strong showing would be disappointing. Go Cats. (and go to the pep rally prior to the game tomorrow too)

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