The end of a Wild Day and the Beginning of a New One

The end of a Wild Day and the Beginning of a New One

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
As you can see, it is obscenely late and I must get to bed. Today has been wild around here as the day went from normal in the middle of the afternoon, to an absolute mad house by the end. I was at peace, enjoying curry chicken salad sandwich for lunch and the next thing I knew, a whirlwind began that finished with me being interviewed by MTV about Stephon Pettigrew. There will be more about this tomorrow, but here is what we KNOW: Moses was contacted by Tubby this morning and told not to come for his visit. His quotes are below, but Moses later told me that he believes he was being "put off because of them wanting Patrick Patterson first." He said Tubby told him that they had two scholarships open, one for a guard and one for a forward, and there may be a third if Randolph Morris leaves. But either way, the visit was postponed. At the Doss-Elizabethtown game, Tubby Smith arrived to watch Stephon Pettigrew play. It was confirmed that a visit is going to take place Sunday and Pettigrew told me after the game that he "hopes to get a better feel for things then and maybe even some news." I spoke again to Moses while I was at the game and he told me that he had not committed to Oklahoma State, contrary to the early reports. He said he was going to have to evaluate things with his family. "My family are huge UK fans, I grew up a UK fan and I was looking forward to this visit. Now I have to go and see what is next. I like UK a lot, but I have to do what is best for me. UK may have other first options, but I am the first option for a lot of teams, and I have to go with what is best." He said he is still considering UK but "will not schedule another visit again." So here is my Bottom line: UK, through Coach Hobbs, talked to Moses on Wednesday night about his visit. Then on Friday morning it is cancelled. What changes between those times? One thing that I can see.....Stephon Pettigrew gets an offer from UMASS. The Pettigrews like Travis Ford, UK worries that Moses will not be qualified......they decide that its time to get Pettigrew before they lose him to UMASS (the best current school to offer), and they go ahead and move.....hoping to save Moses for if Patterson goes elsewhere. Moses feels slighted (understandably) and in the process, UK likely loses him. UK likely offers Pettigrew this weekend.....contingent on a scholarship opening (ie Morris leaving).....and Pettigrew may commit soon after. That is my best guess. I will give you a complete rundown of my interviews with Moses and Pettigrew tomorrow. Our new show is on from 10 am - 12 pm on 1570 AM and 1600 AM......we will also be taping Kentucky Sports Radio directly after and both of those shows will be available on here by Sunday. Expect lots of talk on both shows about these events and possible interviews with both young men on the Podcast (we shall see). Tune in if you can....and even if you cant, call 1-800-510-ESPN if you have any question about any of the above events or just wanna go off on some broke all of our records for visits on the blog and is one of the oddest all around days I have had since doing this....who knows what tomorrow will bring?

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