The Entertation Index: May 23-27
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The Entertation Index: May 23-27

Chris Tomlinover 5 years


Article written by:Chris TomlinChris Tomlin


Each week KSR’s Funkhouser collects the best of pop culture. The Entertation Index collects the best of the week for your consumption.

Foster, Jodie — Academy Award-winner and former Paul Reiser fake love interest Helen Hunt tweeted that a Hollywood Starbucks barista confused her with actor/director Jodie Foster this week. Hunt assumed the mixup as she has in the past been referred to on-cup by Starbucks employees as such Foster-centric names as “Jerbie Funster,” “Jolby Fosker” and “Jarpy Potscrub.”

Link: Helen Hunt Mistaken for Jodie Foster by Barista

Green, Draymond — The NBA earlier this week decided not to suspend Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green after he kicked Oklahoma City Thunder center Steven Adams in the groin during game three of the Western conference finals on Sunday. In his defense, Draymond Green thought he was one of the terrorists from Die Hard.

Link: Draymond Green Fined but not Suspended for Kick to the Groin

Steven-Adams-Looks-Like-Jason-Momoa asian-terrorist_01_1195009531_640w

Hammer, MC — 1990s hip hop icon MC Hammer told a Huffington Post reporter during a recent interview that he prefers not to use actual hammers, explaining “You can hit your fingers, so I try my best not to have to hammer too many things.” This would explain the original title of his multi-platinum 1990 album Please Hammer Don’t Hurt Me.

Link: MC Hammer is Actually Afraid of Hammers

Hunt, HelenSee: Foster, Jodie

Kardashian, Rob — Sock fashion entrepreneur and Kardashian sibling Rob Kardashian and his fiancé, a human being named Blac China, are pregnant with a baby — and the couple posted a sonogram of the little nipper to Instagram earlier this week. Sources say older sister Khloe Kardashian is reportedly excited about the baby and can’t wait to eat it.

Link: Blac Chyna Shares Sonogram of Baby with Rob Kardashian

Muppets, The — ABC has canceled its mockumentary reboot The Muppets after just one season. “What an ironic twist this is,” said a staff spokesperson, “that this summer we’ll all for the first time be sitting with our thumbs up our own butts for a change.”

Link: Kermit Informs Fozzie that the Muppets Has Been Canceled


Phone, Cell — Apropos of nothing, please enjoy this video of a man trying to retrieve his cell phone from his pants from the always reliable Clickhole.

Link: Supercut of a Dad Trying to Fish a Cell Phone Out of the Front Pocket of his Jeans

Syndrome, Dormant Butt — Doctors have pinpointed the combination of knee, back and hip pain as a condition they refer to as “Dormant Butt Syndrome,” which can be caused by sitting too much. The conclusion was reached after a study of the last six years of University of Kentucky Men’s Basketball team walk-ons.

Link: “Dormant Butt Syndrome” a Common Cause of Aches and Pains

Zuckerberg, Mark — Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has purchased four adjoining homes to his  California estate and will be demolishing them to eliminate the homes’ views of his own. When reached for comment, the homeowners’ reactions ranged from Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 11.25.53 PM to Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 11.26.25 PM

Link: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to Raze Four Homes with a View of his Own



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