The Entertation Index: May 29-June 2

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Each week KSR’s Funkhouser collects the best of pop culture. The Entertation Index collects the best of the week for your consumption. ------------ Cocktail, Virtual Reality -- A whisky-based cocktail called the Origin at the One Aldwych bar in London's West End is prefaced with a strapped-on virtual reality program designed to take you to the Scottish Highlands and forget where you are before returning you to the bar interior and serving the drink. Or you can do what I do, drink five Origins and THEN forget where you are. I know you didn't see that joke coming (you totally saw that joke coming). Link: What's It Like to Drink a Virtual Cocktail?  Court, Night -- 25 years ago this week the great Night Court aired its series finale and began its long, weird, unexplainable trip into being totally forgotten. The AV Club delves into its history and looked at the classic courtroom comedy's early beginnings and fading later years. Still, there are a lot of us who still love Night Court. Wherever it is now. Link: Night Court Was the Black Sheep of NBC's Sitcom Dynasty Griffin, Kathy -- Comedienne and professional New Year's Eve Ruiner for CNN Kathy Griffin made a severe misstep this week when she tweeted a picture of herself holding a bloodied mask of Donald Trump, a move which drew the ire of both sides of the aisle. Clearly, however, the move was just Griffin doing something she thought would be funny just to find no one thought it was funny, which sums up Kathy Griffin's entire career. Bam! Me:1, Kathy Griffin 0. Link: Venues Cancel Kathy Griffin Appearances In Wake of Trump Dust-Up Met, Mr. -- During the New York Mets' recent loss to the Milwaukee Brewers at Citi Field, longstanding mascot Mr. Met -- subjected to allegedly some abusive comments about his mother -- left the stadium early and flipped off fans on his way out. I'd say he needs a thicker skin but horsehide is already pretty thick;  I will say it's sad that certain Mets fans chose to exploit Mr. Met's current family tragedy, when his mother was foul-tipped off a Bronx pick-up game and bounced into some bushes. Her body has not yet been recovered. Link: Fan Says Mr. Met Showered with Profane Heckles Before Bird-Flip One-Liners, Hip Hop -- For your reading pleasure this weekend I present, via Rolling Stone, the twenty greatest one-liners in hip hop music, from Lil' Wayne's "Real G's move in silence like lasagna" to Big Daddy Kane's "If you are what you eat/Then feed me dope." Some good lit here. Enjoy. Link: 20 Great Hip-Hop One-Liners Woman, Wonder -- Don't look now but the struggling comics-to-movies universe of DC may have just found its white knight in Wonder Woman, which is currently sitting at 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. That's a good sign for the film, which held special all-female screenings last weekend that as a man I'm not sure what I'm allowed to say about so I'll just leave it at Great Job, Wonder Woman! Link: With Wonder Woman, DC Comics Finally Gets It Right Zardulu -- If you want my two cents on the most interesting read of the week, here it is: Vox's feature piece on Zardulu. Who's Zardulu? She's only the wizard-mask-wearing, platitude-imparting secret art figure behind some of the most viral videos of all time (including pizza rat, raccoon riding an alligator and more). She believes that creating things in the world that make you wonder and believe crazy things is more important than ever and, quite frankly, I'm fascinated by her. Check it out for yourself. Link: Where Pizza Rat, Fake News and Art Collide, There's a Wizard Named Zardulu

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