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GG statue I opened my browser this today to find a facebook invite from a friend to 'like' a page titled The Gorgui Project. Of course, I follow that rabbit hole because I am curious to read the exact blueprint on how to lose to Kentucky 3 times in 3 years at Louisville (Okay, he got one this year, but c'mon). Or maybe even how to get injured and then magically return by the witchcraft that is a Rick Pitino press conference. Anyways, I click and find out that a group of UofL fans have started a movement called The Gorgui Project to get a Dieng statue on the Cards campus. At first, I was taken aback. A statue? For Gorgui Dieng? A guy who might've committed to Kentucky had Calipari pursued him harder and who could never seem to overcome the Cats in a game...until this season. Seems crazy to me, but I guess the recent announcement that Dieng will participate in Senior Day stuff as a junior (meaning he is gone to NBA) for their fans fired up. Then I thought about all the recent big men at Kentucky who had similar career stats as Gorgui, 8.2 points and 7.8 rebounds. Imagine having statues of: - Boogie. Alright, I'd take that. - Chuck Hayes. Okay, that too. - Erik Daniels. As a lefty, I'd at least consider it. - Randolph Morris. Now you're pushing it. There more I thought about it, I realized these crazy Card fans have a big-man crush on Dieng. And that's okay. He seems like a pretty stand-up guy who worked his butt off at Louisville. If he had beaten UK more than once in his career, I'd probably hate him a little more. Still, a statute is a bit much. But Gorgui will still remain a cult figure for Cards fans after he's gone, even if there is a 0.0% chance he gets the statue The Gorgui Project calls for.

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