The Man in Black's Tuesday News and Views

The Man in Black's Tuesday News and Views

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Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
180px-the_great_johnny_cash.jpeg Today was Johnny Cash's Birthday. While as of yet I am not advocating a national holiday in honor of this occasion, I do think it is worthy of some praise. I mean this is the Man in Black and likely one of the best, most versatile musicians that we have ever seen. Johnny Cash touched those who were young, old and everywhich way in between. He spanned generations and cultures, likely one of the few men to speak as easily with Billy Graham as a Folsom Prisoner. Cash is likely one of my Top 3 Musical favorites and a guy whose life I find fascinating. So take a moment today and give a tip of the hat to the legend. (1) "Ring of Fire" ---- There are certainly some blazes a'roarin around Coach Tubby Smith and the Kentucky program. Today the message boards lit up with news that a random radio host in Nashville said that he had heard that Tubby Smith might be bought out by the University of Kentucky and some local businessmen. Folks who look forward to such an event got excited, ran with the news and then all of a sudden, press conferences were all but scheduled throughout the land. Many asked why we didnt report the story (Answer: I have a regular job which I have to do) and if we were going to ignore this "important story." Well I wont ignore it, but forgive me if I dont quiver with excitement. Look anyone with a pulse knows that some version of this story has been bouncing around Lexington for two years. "Boosters buying out Tubby" could almost be a full-fledged website at this point for the amount of conversation it has drawn. The only difference here is that a radio guy said it. But that means NOTHING. As a member of the radio community, I can tell you that it takes no inside information to be on the airwaves. This host said that he "heard that they might be buying Tubby out." Well that isnt news folks, thats jabber. I am fully confident that there are boosters who would like to buy Tubby out. Maybe, if given concrete proof, I could believe they have tried and approach the man. But I do not believe that UK and boosters are organizing to oust Tubby as of today. That is simply frivolous talk at this point.....see me again in a few weeks. (2) "I Dont Like it But I Guess Things Happen that Way." ---- Then we had the big press release by Mitch Barnhardt where he essentially told everyone to hold their horses and wait until the end of the season to evaluate the staff. To me, this is the big news of the day. An AD committed to a coach would have come out and said, "look Tubby is my coach and that is the way it will be. That is not what Mitch said. Essentially he said, "everyone shut up for now and lets convene again in a few weeks." Now lets cut through the muck. Here is what is going to happen the day the season ends. Tubby will not be fired.....but Mitch will approach Tubby and say that staff changes must happen....period. Then those changes will happen or other changes will be made. In a few weeks, we may look at today as being significant....but if we do, it wont be because of "buyout" will be because of Mitch showing the first signs of wavering support of Tubby. (3) "It Aint Me Babe" --- In other news that infuriated some (including an almost salivating with anger Matt May of the Cats Pause), Tubby Smith did not take calls on his call-in show. Instead, he brought on former UK players for interviews during the two hours. Well I say Tubby, but I am sure that he doesnt produce the show, so it was likely others who made the final call. I know some think this is outrageous, but I dont know why anyone cares. Tubby and company would get nothing out of having random people call and yell at him....that is what message boards are for! From a PR perspective, I think it was a mistake.....but is it important? In my view, no. (4) "One Piece at a Time" --- The big news on this site tonight was the story that Jai Lucas will be visiting for the Georgia game on Wednesday night.. Lucas told me that he was interested in seeing UK Senior Night and visiting Rupp for a game. So much for the theories that he had made up his mind for another school (and the stories from a Maryland site that he would be taking no more visits). Senior night is very important for UK....and the fans should remember that if they are interested in "expressing themselves" on Wednesday. Jai is an important recruit and holds a key to the future for is not the time to cut off the program's nose to spite its face. (5) "Boy Named Sue" --- I spent tonight on the radio with Eric Crawford at the Courier Journal debating his "fans cause recruiting harm" column from last week. It was a somewhat tumultuous affair, but Eric was nice enough to do it and I appreciate it. Maybe next time we will get Rick Bozich involved who has this article today in the paper where he suggests that it might be best for Tubby to resign. In it, he says that Lucas and Patterson dont like UK enough to commit (even though it is their concern about Bozich's hope that is causing the wait for at least one), then it shows how bad UK is off. I dont have a problem with Bozich's column....he has a right to his own opinion.....I just hope he holds with it come what may. If you are going to take a stand, take it. Finally, check back in Tuesday Night for a big announcement about the future of this show and website. And look for Hour Two of the Saturday show (with Jai Lucas) online around noon.....that is all.

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