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The Moonman's Monday News and Views

Matt Jonesabout 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
moonie After a long weekend of football and work, it is time to get back into the season and swing of the News and Views. I spent part of tonight watching an event that used to be cant-miss television but now is an absolute trainwreck of awfulness. For those of you around my age (still under 30 thank you), you probably remember when the MTV Music Video Awards was cant miss television. Some of the pop culture moments of the last 20 years occurred at the show, ranging from Michael Jackson and Lisa-Marie to performances by folks like Nirvana, U2 and Pearl Jam that are legendary. On Sunday night however, what was on television was much different. It started with a performance by Britney Spears that truly was cringe-inducing (she really is pathetic), moved on to "earth-shattering" duets with people who I didnt know existed and finished with a number of appearances by my sworn enemy, Timbaland. While engaged in text messaging banter with the Turkey Hunter and Mosley during the show, I came to a realization.....I truly am getting old. When the 12 (yes 12!) nominees for "Monster Song of the Year" were named, I literally knew was Avril Lavigne (Hubby sings the "Girlfriend" song a lot) was Daughtry (only because of American Idol) was the "Delilah" crap (only because I hate that woman on the radio).....and one was "This is Why I am Hot" (only because of the Duke video). I realized that I was making the eternal noises of old age saying, "when did music become so crappy?" In some ways, it truly was a depressing night.....but then the girls from the "Hills" came on screen and I realized that yes, I am tuned into youth culture. No I dont know exactly who this Chris Brown fella is or why I am supposed to just forget that Timbaland deserted Magoo (how is that for loyalty), but I do know who Fergie is and I am plugged into the fact that Amy Winehouse is crazy (even if I am not sure why she is famous). So as I push 30, MTV you wont make me feel old......just do me a favor and play a video sometime..... To the news..... (1) While the football game was in full swing, the talk from most people at the game was the commitment of Darius Miller to the Cats. In what was a huge piece of somewhat surprising (at least in terms of timing) news, Darius went ahead and made it official that he would be coming to Lexington, allowing the state to take a sigh of relief and Mason County to reapply for entry into the state. The saga of Darius's commitment is interesting and will be told by Darius in more detail on our show this week. But basically what we are hearing is that Coach Tracy Webster was brought on campus by the staff last weekend, attended the Eastern game and was offered the job. He accepted, and Darius made an unofficial visit to campus on Sunday and Monday, where after leaving he made his decision. Darius was always considering UK and may have even had them the slight favorite.....but the decision by Webster sealed the deal and led him to make it official. Darius told me that his connection to Coach Webster was strong and that "players love him." If so, Darius could be the first of many..... (2) I know folks love random practice notes, but I talked to a person around the team who told me that the basketball team is showcasing great progress in the weight room. Patrick Patterson is supposedly a weightlifting beast, AJ Stewart is getting stronger by the day and Mike Williams has lost a great deal of weight already. I saw Joe Crawford and the team at the football game and I noticed that much of the baby fat that unfortunately has plagued him looked to (for now) be gone. Good signs indeed. Below is a picture from TCP of a fan with some members of the team.....I think it is kind of funny and worth a look..... team (3) Dave Telep is reporting this week that the Morris Twins have reopened their recruitment after committing to Memphis earlier. Watch these two kids.....they liked Kentucky when Tubby was here and have also been followed by Billy Clyde in the recruiting circles......the Cats might reappear in their consideration. (4) Watch for more news this week on this site about Madisonville 2009 guard Jon Hood. His stock has risen unlike anything I have seen in some time and folks from UK are taking notice. We will have him on the show this week and will give you more info on a kid that has truly broken through nationally. More on football on Monday, Rob's football fix, an update from our man Kige and more.....

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