The Most Useless Event in the World

by:Matt Jones06/05/06
When I was in college, there was a guy in my fraternity named Dave "I'm Your" Huckleberry who was one of the most likeable guys in school. When not smoking or putting off sleep, Dave liked to play air guitar and most of my fraternity functions (when people were not dancing to N Sync) inevitably had a moment where everyone would gather around in a circle while AC/DC was playing and watch Dave play air guitar to "You Shook Me All Night Long." I always found this event ridiculous, but Dave was nice and I enjoyed watching him get into the whole scenario. Dave moved on in life (I think he is Nashville), but I am sure air guitar is still close to his heart. Well someone should call him up because apparently he just missed the World Air Guitar Championships in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Apparently, just this past weekend, a host of the world's "best" Air Guitar performers descended on Milwaukee and showcased their "skills" to a host of people who must have been truly bored. This video showcases a sampling of the performers and gives you an idea of what the contest was like. Watching the video makes me realize not only what talent Dave truly had (he is 40 times the performer of these yokels) but also how bizarre our country truly is. Can you imagine speaking to someone who had no notion of American culture and saying "people come out to watch other people act like they are playing instruments.....and they pay to do it." I am sure they would look at you the same way I look at every piece of television that ever comes out of Japan.

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