The Mystery Recruit Appears???

Matt Jones08/29/06


Article written by:Matt Jones
UPDATE 11:45 a.m. Absent reporting that this kid is coming to Kentucky, this will be the last word on this from me today. There is a report that on the player's end, Harris believes that if he were to be fully cleared by the NCAA, he would be enrolling at UK this week. On the UK end, I can get no confirmation of this either way. Hopefullywe can find something out later, but for now there may be a case of crossed wires of a kid and coach thinking one thing and a university thinking another. What is clear is that UK has scouted this kid and that some interest was/is there. UPDATE 10:15 a.m. Just told by a good source at UK that as far as they knew, "there is no Alaska kid here." . I will leave this post up here in case the person turns out to be wrong. I told you folks a few weeks ago that I was hearing from sources that UK was going to have a recruit that "you internet folks know nothing about." As the days went by my skepticism increased, but now a name has surfaced via the rumormill that may lend validity to the original comments. Ramon Harris, reigning 4A Alaska (yes Alaska) High School Basketball player of the year is rumored to be heading to Lexington to be a part of THIS 06 class. I have been hit with multiple emails mentioning Harris and the possibility that he could be at UK as early as this week. Is it true? I dont yet know, but it seems to have some legs and if not for rumors, what would we do in the middle of the summer. So who is Harris? described him this way: RAMON HARRIS Harris is a 6-foot-6, 210-pound combo forward who plays for National Christian Academy in Fort Washington, Maryland... Harris competed over the past two days at the Reebok Summer East tournament held on the campus of FDU in New Jersey... Harris was impressive with his play with the ability to drive with the ball into traffic and against bigger bodies... Harris can block a shot too, and hit several midrange jumpers... Harris is awaiting clearance from the NCAA on one class... If the clearance is approved, then Harris can play basketball at a college this upcoming Fall... Among the schools that have expressed interest are Providence Harris is a, well to put it mildly, very "under the radar" recruit. However some, including Greg Hicks of know him and had him ranked as a top 10 power forward on the West Coast. This piece in an Alaska newspaper gives a bit of an insight into his situation. An interview with Harris by an Alaska newspaper gives us a bit more about him and his team. Here is a game report of a game Harris played in Tennessee, which is close to here, so thats something. In this story we find out that Harris, like myself and other KSR Radio folks, is a huge basketball junkie and watches games at all times during March Madness. These personal tidbits are always nice. ;) If you go to this site and scroll to page 7, you can find a nice writeup on the then-10th grade Harris talking about his life and basketball (big Tracy McGrady fan). Now you may be saying....Matt, why are you linking these stories? Well folks, it is because there isnt much else. I know nothing about this kid beyond these stories and never knew he existed until this evening. Yet his name has now popped up and has been emailed to me by a number of folks. Is he coming to UK? At this point (late on Monday night) I cannot say. But where there is smoke there is sometimes fire. And for a random Alaska kid to all of a sudden to be deemed by multiple folks to be UK bound, it means either that it is happening, or some folks are off base. I will reserve judgment. But we may all soon be learning more about Alaska basketball than we did this morning (which for me was Carlos Boozer, Trajan Langdon and former Transylvania player, Ron Moore).

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