The NBA to Louisville campaign and YOU

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Aritcle written by:Matthew HaysMatthew Hays
nba_2_lou1 If you listened to Matt's interview with J. Bruce Miller yesterday on the radio show, then you might be feeling a little trepidation and uneasiness regarding the entire NBA team to Louisville situation. Mr. Miller and his Abel Magwitch-like society of secret benefactors don't serve as the best fodder for the great expectations that some people in the Bluegrass have developed since the initial rumors began circulating that a few NBA franchises might be seeking new homes. However, Louisville attorneys and rich, foreign basketball enthusiasts aren't what make an NBA team possible. A huge part in bringing an NBA team to the state of Kentucky lies in the active participation of the people who would be supporting that team. That's why Nick Evans, my friend and the founder of, has dedicated himself to pushing the agenda of the grassroots campaign. By demonstrating that we, the fans, are welcome to and excited about the idea of an NBA team in Kentucky, it makes it easier for the people with the money to successfully argue Louisville's claim. The opportunity provided by an NBA team is one that the state and city of Louisville should latch onto. With the global branding power of the NBA, it could only help stimulate the growth of the city and state. There seems to be a generally negative perception towards growth in the state of Kentucky. The city of Louisville has one of the worst migration percentages of any city its size in the country. In Louisville, 78 percent of the people that work in the city were born there. The worldwide reach of the NBA is an opportunity to encourage growth and paint a different picture for the city and the state of Kentucky as a whole. Chris wrote a fantastic post yesterday about the Kentucky Colonels that generated some great nostalgia and good feelings for the state's last professional basketball team. Kentucky is a basketball state and with the high volume of UK players who will be making their way to the NBA over the next few seasons, there's no reason to think that that love should be contained solely to the college game. John Calipari endorses the idea, Matt Jones endorses the idea and Rick Pitino is totally against it. What else do you need? Make your voice heard and join a movement that could do a lot of good for the state: Like the Facebook page: Bring the NBA to Lousiville Follow the Twitter profile: @nba2lou Check out the website: It's as easy as that. Go Cats, Go NBA

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