The new Chris Rock....Bruce Chen

by:Matt Jones05/15/06
Now we dont cover a whole lot of Baltimore Orioles baseball here on the KSR Radio blog. I would venture to say that I have only had three emotions ever about the Orioles....that Camden Yards is the greatest baseball park in all the land, the story about Cal Ripken punching Kevin Costner in the face because he found him with his wife has to be true or I will be sad and George Will is their most famous fan. That is it. It is all I care about the Orioles and I venture to say that except for the women who remember Jim Palmer posing in the old Hanes underwear ads in his tighty whiteys, it is all you care about as well. Well that was until I read about the "Bruce Chen Joke of the Day." For those of you who dont know Bruce (or "Cheny Chen Chen" to his friends), he is a nondescript pitcher who came up with the Braves, never made it and has toiled in obscurity in Baltimore. But now he may be onto something. At every home game for the Orioles, the Jumbotron posts the latest "Joke of the Day" by Chen.....and they are always terrible. As this story showcases, Chen has a propensity to tell jokes that only 75 year olds would find funny. Two examples.... "What do you do with a one-legged dog? Take Him for a Drag." "Why did the bicycle keep falling? Because it was Tired." His teammates, in an attempt to be nice, praise Chen for having the "guts" to tell such jokes. Whatever the reason or explanation, I am not the biggest Bruce Chen fan in the world. Any man who can stick his neck out and tell what amount to jokes that the writers of "My Three Sons" would have found lame, is ok with me. Go Bruce Chen....and if you need it, I have a great set of jokes that begin with "Knock Knock....Whos there....Orange..." that you can borrow any time you want.

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