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The Scrapped Ideas For Commonwealth's Grand Opening

Drew Franklin08/06/15


Article written by:On3 imageDrew Franklin


ky-joe-stage On Saturday, September 5th, Kentucky football will open its 2015 season in a brand new Commonwealth Stadium. UK announced several festivities for its grand opening of the New CWS, headlined by a Sundy Best pregame concert, with Matthew Mitchell and the Go Big Blue Band as its opening act. Other special guests include: a choir made up of singers from all 120 Kentucky counties, performing the national anthem; game ball delivery by The Golden Knights, the United States Army Parachute Team; and Stone Cold Willow in the front of the new student section. But before the event details were released earlier this week, there were months and months of planning the big day. Several ideas were tossed around over the summer, many of which were scrapped for various, undisclosed reasons. Tonight, I will share with you some of those ideas that didn't come to fruition. I was there for the meetings, and I'm heartbroken these didn't make the cut.


Kentucky Joe concert Before Sundy Best and Matthew Mitchell got on board, the idea of giving Kentucky Joe a stage and a microphone to showcase his talents was discussed. He's going to sing in the parking lot regardless, so why not seclude him to one area, where he can't annoy everyone. Blow up the 2012 Vandy game ball Without question, the lowest moment since I've been attending UK football games, Kentucky lost to Vanderbilt 40-0 in 2012, Joker Phillips' last season. There weren't more than 5,000 fans in the stands in the second half to watch the seniors' final SEC game in Lexington. It was UK's first scoreless game at Commonwealth Stadium since 1993, and Vanderbilt's first SEC shutout since 1968. If Cubs fans can blow up the Bartman ball, Kentucky fans can strap a couple sticks of dynamite to that game ball and watch 'er explode. Parking lot Yahtzee with Vince Marrow parking-yahtzee Free Rupp Arena ice cream I know we like to keep a separation of football and basketball, but Rupp Arena ice cream is the best ice cream ever. UK should move it to Commonwealth Stadium. Free cone for every fan in the season opener. More of this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=co7XSjPFmp0 Doesn't matter when or where, just more of it. Fans help build the stadium Hopefully, the stadium is done on time. Hopefully. But if not, give everyone a can of paint or a hammer or a nail gun and make them earn that ticket. Together, 60,000 people can get it done. Rich Brooks delivers game ball on a motorcycle. With all due respect to the Golden Knights, who I jumped with on my birthday a couple years ago, I'd much rather see the game ball enter the stadium in Rich Brooks' arms as he rides his Harley through the new tunnel in the east end zone. Anything with Brooks on a Harley will suffice. Stadium-wide neuralyzer mib You know that memory-eraser from the Men In Black movies? It'd be nice to blast the entire stadium with one of those prior to kickoff. Create a fresh start for Kentucky football. 0-0 all-time record going into the UL-Lafayette game. But that technology doesn't exist, apparently. That's too bad. Unveil the new Stevie Got Loose statue stevie-got-loose-statue   Any other suggestions?

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