The Times They are a Changing.....93.9 The Ticket

The Times They are a Changing.....93.9 The Ticket

Matt Jonesover 13 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
fdafsa Well its a new day in radio in Louisville and for the folks affiliated with this site. IF you havent yet heard the news, the station formerly known as 1570TheZone is no longer as many of those of us affiliated with that radio station now have a new home. We are moving to the new 93.9 FM "The Ticket", Louisville's new ESPN Radio. In a change that can only be described as "dramatic", those of us who cut our radio teeth at 1570TheZone are now moving to a bigger stage, as part of a radio station owned by Cumulus Broadcasting. Many of the things that those of you who have followed the old shows got used to (a weak signal, technical difficulties, etc) are now gone....and we now have a chance to work on a station that can be heard from Louisville to Frankfort, Bowling Green, Northern Kentucky (and on a good day) to the outskirts of Lexington. It is a new world with an FM and AM station.....the schedule of which will look like this: FM 93.9 The Ticket: 6 AM -- Scott Padgett and Dave Ragone 9 AM -- Mike and Mike 10 AM -- Colin Cowherd 1 PM -- Rick Bozich and Jody Demling 3 PM -- Johnny the Freak 6PM -- The Big EZ 8 PM -- Matt Jones AM 1450 6 AM -- Mike and Mike 10 AM -- Colin Cowherd 1 PM -- Dan Patrick 3 PM -- The Freak 6 PM -- ESPN National Programming It is an exciting move for all of us, myself included. We have a later timeslot, but a much wider potential listening audience. Soon we will once again be streaming online and the show will be able to be clearly heard (without technical difficulties) all around the land. It is a big day for me and the entire former 1570 Crew as we become part of the "Ticket" and start a new day in Louisville radio. I hope you will come on board.

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