The topic of Pete Thamel's first article for Sports Illustrated is exactly what you think it would be

Drew Franklinabout 9 years


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I think he meant to DM that to John Calipari. With the way he obsesses over digging so deep into the lives of young high school boys, one would think Perverted Justice would've already kicked in Pete Thamel's door and hauled him off to MSNBC's televised jail. But, Pete Thamel is still out there, preying on the amateur status of America's youth. In his first article for his new employer, Sports Illustrated, Thamel wrote about... you guessed it... John Calipari and recruiting at Kentucky. Thamel reports that the NCAA has expanded its inquiry into Nerlens Noel, with two NCAA officials traveling to New Hampshire for a three-hour meeting earlier this month. It's the perfect topic for his first piece at SI, considering there is so little news out there to focus on. **cough** UNC academic scandal **cough** Shabazz Muhammad's eligibility at UCLA**cough** Forgive me, I'm coming down with something. This is the part where I would normally provide you with a link to Thamel's story, but I'm not. We're not in the business of throwing hits to the man who spends every waking minute of his life trying to take down John Calipari. So if you'd like to read it, go to Google and search for "Pete Thamel Nerlens Noel" It will likely prompt you to search for "Pete Thamel sucks," but that will only take you to his New York Times articles. Congrats on the new job, Pete. You're off to a very Pete Thamel start!  

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