The Tourney continues.....Vote for KSR.....and a Tubby interview

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Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
2004-11-02__schwarzenegger-voting.jpeg Well the Blogger Bracket continues over at the ladies site and for those of you that didnt know, we beat the guy from Deadspin fairly handily. Actually thats not exactly guys, through your absurd number of votes took out the tournament's number one overall seed in a way that the Cats were unable to do the last two seasons. But now the tournament goes on and we face a very dangerous 17 seed (yes they have those) from the blog With Leather. Many of you may remember that blog from the first round where we beat a contributor.......and now we face another contributor, forcing us to go against a national site again. Three rounds, three national sites. UK gets no love. So click below and cast a vote for me again.....I know it makes some of you feel uncomfortable, but you are doing it for the Bluegrass state and the blog world is noticing. The first two rounds we have had the highest vote far. Its time to do it again..... In other news, the Tubby Atlanta radio interview is linked below as well........ Vote for Kentucky Sports Radio Tubby Atlanta radio interview

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