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Aritcle written by:Christopher JohnsChristopher Johns
a51fe997-7988-4065-b42e-64dda2095f46 The sports schedule is getting a little hectic. The NFL is in full swing. High school football playoffs are in session. College football is entering the bowl season. High school, college, and pro basketball is ramping up. Mondays are good days to plan out your week and make sure you don’t miss any of the UK-related action. Monday -Men's Basketball - UNC Asheville at Kentucky (Freedom Hall) - FSNSouth - 7:00: The last day of November serves as a tune-up for one of the biggest games in December. It has been a bad year for the Bulldogs (heck, bulldogs in general) as their 0-5 squad takes on a UK team that is hitting its stride. UNCA has a guard named J.P. Primm. Where did they find that guy? Did Roger Chillingworth and John Winthrop turn down scholarship offers to play in Europe? Tuesday -Women's Basketball - Miami (OH) at Kentucky -7:00: You guys! Our UK Hoops team is undefeated! They are 6-0 and are flat dealing the pain to opponents. Their closest win was a 10 point victory over the Chattanooga Choo-Choos. The ladies were perfect in November and look to start December out the same way. Wednesday -Nada Nothing major going on tonight, so I'll use this space to throw my 2 cents in on the UK/UT game this past Saturday. That fumble was a gift from God (and Ashton Cobb). Nine times out of ten, that football bounces out of bounds. It didn't. UK was outplayed in the second half and the offense was going nowhere. It was Senior Night. We had the ball on the 6, 4th and 3, with 37 seconds to play when UT calls a time out. Sometimes, you have to know when to make your last stand. You put every senior in the game you can and you tell them this is for all the glory. Then you go for it. Not 3 yards, but 6. If your offense can't get you 3-6 yards to snap a 24-year losing streak on Senior Night, then you can't out-offense UT in OT. You win or lose that game in regulation. Thursday -NFL - Jets at Bills - NFL Network - 8:20: Our man Steve Johnson is on the Bills but hasn't done much for the last two games. He is going up against a team who has a coach whose dad owns a farm in Kentucky. That is way too big of a stretch for me. Here is hoping Stevie gets loose and takes a couple to the house. Go Bills. Friday -Women's Basketball - Kentucky at Cincinnati - ESPN - 11:00a: Man, these day games for UK Hoops really need to be televised. 11:00 on a Friday? That is spectacular. Tell me you wouldn't take an early lunch to head down to BW3's for some wings and UK basketball. Any sporting event that gives me an excuse to start drinking early on a Friday is OK in my book. Saturday -Men's Basketball - North Carolina at Kentucky - CBS - 12:30: I love playing North Carolina. I mean, I hate them with every fiber of my being, but I relish this game more than any other on the schedule. I think what makes this rivalry extra-special is the added hatred that all the UNC alums have for UK. They consider UNC the righteous leader of college basketball and UK as a disgraceful annoyance. They couldn't stand the fact that Rupp had more wins so they convinced Dean Smith to break his record. They relished both in our issues with the NCAA and the entire Billy Gillispie era. You think it doesn't bug them that UK will get to 2000 wins first? You think it doesn't gnaw on them that we have more championships? It is classic aristocrat vs redneck. Jed Clampett vs Milburn Drysdale. I love it.

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