These are some wild facts and numbers from Kentucky's win at Tennessee

These are some wild facts and numbers from Kentucky's win at Tennessee

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NCAA Football: Kentucky at Tennessee
<small>(Calvin Mattheis-USA Today)</small>

(Calvin Mattheis-USA Today)

We all know it had been like a million years since Kentucky last won at Tennessee. (36, actually, but it felt like a million if you lived it.) We can finally put that stat away and focus on some of these new stats from today’s game that are a lot more fun.

Some wild stuff here…


It is Kentucky’s largest margin of victory in Knoxville in 85 years.

Cats haven’t won this big since that 21-0 win back in 1935.

It is the largest margin of victory over an AP top 25 team on the road EVER.

More from the stat king, Corey Price:

The last two games: 9 total points allowed, 9 interceptions.

That has to be some kind of a national record.

Kentucky has more interceptions in the last six quarters than it did in 2019.

Nine INTs in a game and a half of football compared to eight interceptions all of last season. They’re on a record-setting pace in the shortened season.

All three phases of football outscored Tennessee’s entire team.

Terry Wilson is 15-5.

… with wins in Gainesville and Knoxville.

Kentucky is undefeated in Gainesville and Knoxville with Tom Hart on the broadcast.

Tom only knows Kentucky wins when ESPN sends him to Florida or Tennessee. He called both streak-snapping victories.




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