Being prone to sunburn won't keep Cards QB from frog-giggin'
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Being prone to sunburn won't keep Cards QB from frog-giggin'

Thomas Beisnerover 13 years


Article written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
Yesterday's Courier-Journal included a piece by Brian Bennett about Filthy Card QB Hunter Cantwell called "It's not easy being green". While this might have been a reference to Cantwell's inexperience, I think the catchy title was just used to try to make people not realize that the Cards have a Ginger under center - a fact that did not escape the C-J's sports editors, who were most likely laughing hysterically when they printed the picture below. Unfortunately, they captioned it with "One of Cantwell's favorite summer gigs is hunting bullfrogs." Weak. Very weak. So, now the honus is on you, sweet readers. Come up with your own caption for this picture or title for an article or anything else insanely creative based around this picture of the Ginger QB and the person with the best entry will get a personalized email from yours truly and a mystery t-shirt of your choosing from the soon to be opening KSR Online Store. Get after it. cantwell.jpg

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