This Photo of Nerlens Noel Wants Afternoon Notes and Podcast

This Photo of Nerlens Noel Wants Afternoon Notes and Podcast

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I love this. That is all. --- As the two big announcements get closer, the more it looks like Shabazz will sign with UCLA and Georgetown is evening the score with Kentucky for Nerlens Noel. I've accepted the loss of Shabazz, but I refuse to believe Nerlens Noel is going to anywhere besides Kentucky until I hear it out of his mouth. That's not to say he won't go somewhere else, I just won't believe it until I hear it from the flattop feller. --- 4 hours... --- UK announced a time change in John Calipari's tour. Cal and the trophy will be in Ashland from noon-1:00 and then in Pikeville from 2:30-3:30 on Thursday. The previous announcement said 1:00-2:00 for Ashland and 3:00-4:00 for Pikeville. Tell your friends. --- Bob Knight is writing a new book and the title of it is very Bob Knight. "The Power of Negative Thinking" -- yeah, seriously -- is in the works and has a publisher, but it doesn't have a release date just yet. Of his new project, Knight told the South Bend Tribune, “I’ve always thought the things that we look upon negatively are extremely important.”  I don't know what that means, but I'm sure the book will be interesting. --- Please stop all the Petrino-to-Kentucky talks. Yes, he's a winner, but he's also trash. He has been scum at every job he's held and he's lied to everyone throughout his entire career. Not interested. Take those wins elsewhere. --- We'll be doing a LIVE BLOG tonight for the ESPNU Signing Day Special.  Join us at around 7:30 to count down until Nerlens and Shabazz make their announcements. --- Mitch Barnhart was on today's radio show and he made some jaw-dropping comments. Listen for yourself...

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