Rick Minter is about to go eat lunch

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It's not easy to find something good to say about Kentucky football these days. That goes for everyone, including the coaching staff. Maybe that's why Kyle Tucker of the Courier-Journal asked defensive coordinator Rick Minter if there is anything he feels really good about. "Well, I'm about to go eat lunch," Minter said jokingly. After a quick laugh from reporters, Minter went on to say he's happy with the progression of the young guys, especially the three true freshmen in the secondary. "No, the kids are great and they are trying extremely hard, they really are," Minter said. "They are giving us all they got. Our guys up front are playing solid football, our linebackers are getting better each and every week and our young corners that are getting to play, those are great opportunities for them and they are stepping up. We really, knock on wood, have not been hurt very often at the cornerback position, which was our biggest fear in August once we lost some kids (and wondered) who was going to step up. Well, opportunity came, they stepped up and Cody Quinn seized that moment, (J.D.) Harmon and (Fred) Tiller seized those moments and Cartier (Rice) is playing like a senior. The linebackers are beginning to settle in a little bit better but now we have some growing pains at the safety position.”   Updated with quotes at 1:25 ET.

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