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Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 9 years


The only cruel thing about last night's win over Louisville is we can't give it the full attention it deserves. Fortunately and unfortunately, we have to turn the page at some point and get ready for Kansas. But, not just yet. A week of build-up, breakdowns, and meltdowns culminated in Anthony Davis' fiery scream at the end of the game. The normally reserved and humble Davis let it all out Saturday night, all of the emotions that come with working so hard for something and finally seeing it on the horizon. He's been given almost every award in college basketball, and has accepted each with poise and grace. His scream was our scream, his emotions our emotions, and his performance our privilege. I could go on forever about the game. It was ugly, emotional and gut wrenching, just like the week that preceded it. Darius Miller was the man we knew he could be, hitting clutch shots when the team needed him the most. He played like a kid who grew up with the rivalry. MKG was MKG, gutsy and fierce, the epitome of every inspirational quote ever written. Even Cal and Pitino made nice for one night, with Pitino classing it up by telling Cal he's rooting for the Cats to bring home the trophy. I woke up this morning ready to revel in victory, and was disappointed to open my computer and instead see pictures of Lexington on fire. When asked about the riots in today's press conference, Calipari said he was "disappointed" to hear about it, and that "the state of Kentucky is so connected to this program, they go overboard sometimes." Yes, college is college and I guess there's something entertaining about burning stuff, but I really don't understand rioting. What did I do last night after the win? Went outside and danced. I literally did a really embarrassing jig that thank god Mr. TT didn't catch on film. At no point did I feel the need to flip over my patio furniture and light it on fire. What's the point? How does that memorialize a win? Some of the pictures of the State Street riots are unbelievable, and quite frankly, sad. Yes, we won a huge game. Probably the most emotional game Kentucky has played in quite some time. A week's worth of emotions were going to express themselves somehow. Unfortunately, in this day and age, everyone gets to see it instantly. I'm not chastising the students. Lord knows I did some stupid stuff when I was in college. I'm all for bonfires, but when it gets to the point that people are flipping over cars and not listening to police, it turns into something different. On Monday, let's act as though we've been here before and put down the torches. As one of my Facebook friends (and Kate on State) put it, celebrate with nudity, not fire.

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