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ukcatschillin.jpg The picture above showcases a reality that I think is often forgotten by basketball fans. We talk a lot about how tall or big this guy is or isnt, but we often dont really internalize that some of these basketball players are unbelievably huge. Take a look at the "shorty" in the picture above. Sure, she may not be Rebecca Lobo, but she looks absolutely Jai Lucas-esque standing next to Jared Carter and the Member. These guys are massive and help Kentucky have a tradition that it has carried on for the past four or five years.....the tallest bench in America. If you get a chance sometime, stand next to one of these guys and just marvel. I still contend that Shagari Alleyne had the World's Largest Adam's Apple and such size cannot be appreciated from afar. Sure they may not play, but man can they make a picture. To the news.... JON HOOD: Tonight we had Jon Hood on our radio show and the interview was interesting. The kid is pleasant and a good speaker and showcases exactly why teams are drooling over his services. When asked to give the adjective that most describes his game, he went with "versatile" and the player he most emulates, he said Brandon Rush....and odd choice, but one that is somewhat appropriate. When asked the teams he is considering, he began with Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Ole Miss and Vandy before also mentioning that Duke, North Carolina, Florida and Kansas are calling. He said that Gillispie was in Madisonville today to watch his practice and that he feels very close to the coaching staff. He mentioned that style of play was important and that he thought Tennessee's style of play was its best selling point. He agreed that there is a lot of pressure for him to stay in state but added that this decision was one in which "I have to be selfish" and make the decision that is best for him. All in all, a great interview and one in which he confirmed he would make a decision this summer and commit. One has to like the Cats' chances, but at the end of the day I forsee a dog fight between the Cats, Vols and Duke, if they decide to finally offer. MATT ROARK: Want some good football news? Well we found out today that Matt Roark, a QB/WR combo out of Georgia has committed to the Cats over Oregon and Illinois. Roark is a kid that will have an impact in college and the Cat coaches have told him he will get some snaps under center. He chose the Cats over Duke, who he considered because of academics, but said he came to Lexington because he loved the coaches for the Wildcats. This is another in a long line of great pickups made by this staff in the last few weeks, continuing the recruiting momentum in a way that truly has to make all UK football fans proud. NO GAME WITH TEMPLE: Next year's game with Temple is now on the outs, it has been reported today byt he Atlanta Journal-Constitution, meaning that Kentucky will have to find another Division I opponent to bring into Commonweath. It is a tricky call for the Cats because they need a game that is a win, something that has made Temple such a good pick for many teams. The Cats are looking for a game that will be a victory but must be a Division I school....not lots of choices at this point and it is unclear who they could get. With very few patsies left, it could be the case (unlikely but possible) that they end up taking a game with a team like Georgia Tech....and if that happens, another difficult game is added to the schedule. AGain highly unlikely, but in the realm of possibility. BILLY CLYDE IN ST LOUIS: We have it on good authority that after going and seeing Jon Hood in Madisonville today, Gillispie took a plane to St Louis on a recruiting trip. Because I have been away all night, I havent done the leg work to find out who may have been the target for that trip. The internet recruiting sleuths should check it out however and post who may have been the object of the Cat coach's affection. Ok, I am still giddy about the Tennessee win, I must admit. Huge win and fun to watch Bruce Pearl make excuses. More throughout the day, including the latest controversy to hit UK land....Earring Gate! In the post below are the videos with Gillispie's post game press conference and some player comments after the game. In addition, directly below is the first of our videos from the collaboration between this site and the Channel 50 Student Television Station at UK. Enjoy as Justin Stewart and some guy trying to look like Don Mattingly talk about the Cats....

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