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Thursday Tidbits (Brooks, Lucas, Anderson, etc) and EPISODE 8

by:Matt Jones10/04/06
Another exciting day here at the Kentucky Sports Radio studios as we taped EPISODE 8 which is available on the link in this sentence or at the bottom of the page. Very interesting show as we had guests aplenty. Jeff Brooks stopped by to talk about his recruitment, why UK is the ONLY school on his list not to offer, his rivalry with Stephon Pettigrew (which was interesting) and why he wants UK to offer very soon. We also heard from Ryan Lemond who gave his feelings on the Mike Williams recruitment, his view on the new freshman class and what to expect from Midnight Madness. Jonathan Jolley of "Gamecock Anthem" came on to preview the South Carolina game and I revealed a couple of "radio only" tidbits for the recruitniks out there. Big show all the way around as we move towards Sunday and our Midnight Madness Recruiting Special which I think will be our biggest show of the year. But be that as it may, there is also news to get to, and thus we must.... (1) A recruiting article came out today acknowledging that Jai Lucas has said he is "considering" Kansas and Indiana as two schools who have stepped up their involvement in recent weeks. Many panicked....wondering if this meant that Lucas was re-opening his recruitment and that Kentucky has fallen off its position with him. The answer to both questions is no. While Lucas could end up looking at these other schools, at this point, Kentucky is still in a great position to pull Lucas to Lexington and he has no plans to even take a visit elsewhere. Sources close to this recruitment have told me that at least one coach who is going after Lucas has all but conceded that he will end up at Kentucky and has backed off his efforts to bring him to his school. While I still am not assured by anyone that Lucas is certainly Bluegrass Bound, I still believe Kentucky is the leader and still have no reason to assume that everything is not in the same position with Jai that it was just weeks ago. Jai has told me if he is comfortable, he will commit even if his visits arent finished. WE just have to hope that is next weekend. (2) Told yesterday that the dates are still being worked out, but that UK fully expects James Anderson to take a campus visit. In a dream world for Kentucky, the Cats convince Anderson to come play with his buddy Jai Lucas and the Patterson/Stewart combo to create a class that is likely Top 3-5 in the country. Anderson has expressed his desire to play with good teammates and if UK is able to lock up Lucas and Patterson, their ability to sell Anderson increases exponentially. And if so, remember that Jai Lucas broke the story..... (3) AJ Stewart's high school team has now scheduled a game in Kentucky, whereas they previously were not scheduled in the state. I am telling you, every conceivable sign, including the words from his mouth, suggest AJ is coming to Kentucky. If he doesnt, and the Illini pull him off, someone screwed up royally. (4) Tonight we had Jeff Brooks on the show and his comments were very interesting. First, he is likely the most articulate player we have had on all year. I got the distinct impression both on and off the air that the general view that Brooks would be a Card if offered is simply incorrect. He is nonchalant about Louisville and seems genuinely interested in UK and disappointed he doesnt have an offer. I am unsure what to think here as Patterson and others are UK's priorities but you would hate to see them miss out on Brooks (a rising player) if the Patterson recruitment does not come through. (5) The day after coming back from Lexington, Darnell Gant says that Washington is still the leader....not a good sign for him ever wearing Big Blue. (6) Finally, I keep hearing that "you internet people are missing one Midnight Madness visitor" from a source of mine. Since we know Patterson, Lucas, Stewart, the Morris twins and the Kentucky juniors, I just cant imagine who it will be. If you have any ideas (or better yet, quality info), let me know. Listen to EPISODE 8. Its got some good hidden gems. And scroll down and play Choose or Lose for cash money. Standings come out tomorrow, but you have to have this week's picks in by Friday at 5 pm. Plus, and this is a big deal for us, this was our 1,000th POST. Hope you enjoyed at least a few of them. Adios....

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