Time to GET IT ON!

Matt Jonesabout 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
we There is very little left to say about this game. We have dissected both teams, coaches, quarterbacks, strengths, weaknessess and vulnerabilities. We have made fun of Louisville in every way humanly possible and in so doing, made it unsafe for the writers here to make their way into public in the city of Louisville. And we have stated over and over why this game is a must-win for UK in ways that really havent been the case since the series started. In short, there is nothing else left to say except, it is time for Kentucky to beat Louisville for the 4th straight time. This is one of those games you hate as a fan, as the pain of losing will be worse than the joy of winning the game would likely be. Kentucky is favored and Louisville has every right to believe that this will be their worst year of the next five. For Kentucky, this is a year where success can exist and a win is crucial to getting off of the right foot. A win would be great, but is only Step 1...a loss hurts a great deal. Louisville is buzzing and for the first time I can remember, a lot of the buzzing is in Blue and White. I have seen more UK fans wearing their gear loud and proud today than in any day I can recall and it is a great thing to see. Its time to invade the Pizza Palace again and take away another victory that will have the UL faithful crying about all things Blue. We must win, its just that simple. The weeks of waiting are over....its time to get it on!

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