Today on KSR: Long time no see, UK visits James Wiseman
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Today on KSR: Long time no see, UK visits James Wiseman

TJ Walkerabout 3 years


Article written by:TJ WalkerTJ Walker
[caption id="attachment_240230" align="alignnone" width="1489"] IG: bigticket_j13[/caption] James Wiseman just officially visited Kentucky over the weekend but today the Cats will return the favor and check-in with Wiseman and his family at their home in Memphis. Wiseman won't be making any final decisions until the spring, so I doubt this in-home visit will make or break UK's chances, but it's another great opportunity to build on the relationship between Wiseman and his family and UK's coaching staff. That's the good news about where UK stands in this recruitment. UK doesn't have to spend time pitching Wiseman or selling what UK has to offer to his family every minute of the conversation. Sure, they will touch on a talking point, but these meetings are laid back thanks to how much work UK's already put into the recruitment. Relationships will win out for Wiseman and that's why everyone assumes it will be UK or Memphis. Speaking of Memphis, it's crazy to think this time last year when the Cats met with Wiseman he had his high school coach sit in on the visit. That coach is no longer Wiseman's high school coach, but hopes to coach him in college.

Hump Day means we're closer to Caturday:

It probably won't be the most memorable Caturday with UK playing Murray State over the weekend, but I'm guessing most of the Big Blue Nation is still riding high from the win over Florida on Saturday. That's perfectly fine, but UK's coaches are treating Murray State just like they did Florida (or so they say). Kentucky's offense spoke with the media yesterday. One thing you need to know? How to properly pronounce David Bouvier's last name. You can find that our HERE.

More Talking Today:

Stoops will talk on the SEC Teleconference this afternoon, so that may produce a soundbite or two. Then we will hear from the defense. That side of the ball was especially banged up down in Gainesville on Saturday so I'll be anxious to hear who will be giving it a go on Saturday and who will rest up for Mississippi State. KSR will have you covered.

Ryan Lemond continues to put a smile on our face:

We're lucky to have this dude at KSR. Ryan Lemond left the radio show on Tuesday to "pay it forward". Unsure of exactly what Ryan had in mind, Ryan put a smile on the faces of BBN when he went to Walmart and picked up the tab for his new friends, Tandra and Riley. While fighting back tears on the phone after calling into KSR to tell Matt and the gang what his good deed was, Ryan said when he arrived he saw Tandra taking items out of her cart because she couldn't afford everything. But Ryan told her to put them back in her cart because he was picking up the entire tab. Ryan is a great dude but you know all he wants in return is for folks to follow his example and try to help someone in need. Let's all try to do something good today, even if it's chatting or smiling at a stranger. You never know how much that could help.

Checkerboards are BACK:

Woohooo! The checkerboards are back for another season! The Cats took their individual and team pictures on Tuesday and it marked the first chance several players were able to put on the Kentucky uniform for the first time. Those uniforms had beautiful blue and white checkerboards running up the side. It seems the majority of folks hate the checkerboards, some like them, but as long as the jerseys say Kentucky across the front of the chest I'm gonna root for the players wearing them. Today marks officially one month until Big Blue Madness. Let's go!

Hardly Committed:

We're recording Hardly Committed this morning, so make sure to tweet in your questions to Nick Roush or myself.  Hardly Committed is a basketball recruiting podcast that finishes each podcast with a podcast within a podcast. That podcast within the podcast is called The Annex and we review every. single. episode of The Office. So, after 45-55 minutes of recruiting talk (plenty to talk about), which includes an awesome interview, we'll talk about The Office for 5-10 minutes. Tomorrow's The Office episode is Sexual Harassment. And if you don't like The Office, just turn it off after the recruiting talk. If you don't like basketball recruiting but love The Office, skip to the last 5-10 minutes. To listen to previous episodes download and subscribe HERE.

American Horror Story returns tonight:

I love American Horror Story. I also love pretty much every scary movie and anything that remotely involves Halloween, so it's obvious why I watch AHS. It comes on tonight at 10 p.m. on FX. This season is AHS Apocalypse, and folks, I hope and pray it's not worse than last season. AHS Cult was one of the worst things I've ever watched on television, so there's nowhere to go but up. And yes, I realize I talk about loving a show but hating a season, it was a rare miss for AHS. Apocalypse is combining parts of Murder House (season 1) and Coven (season 3). Two very different seasons, so I'm curious to see how it all ties together. Ranking the seasons:
  1. Murder House (season 1)
  2.  Roanoke (season 6)
  3. Hotel (season 5)
  4.  Asylum (season 2)
  5. Freak Show (season 4)
  6. Coven (season 3)
  7. Ryan's video from KSBar on Saturday
  8. Cult (season 7)
I'll leave you with this as we start our Wednesday: [mobile_ad]

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