Truck of Your Dreams

Gerry DiNardoover 14 years


Aritcle written by:Gerry DiNardoGerry DiNardo
image011.jpg The Dukes has theirs. Batman had his. Even Lil’ Penny had his own ride. Well, fortune smiled upon me last night at the World Famous Two Keys. When I was walking up to the bar, I noticed a car. Not just your everyday Honda Prius. No, no, no, my friend, this one was unique. A white truck with an electric blue stripe emblazed with ‘Kentucky.’ Blue door handles. Chrome rims. A wildcat hood ornament. Tinted windows. The truck bed was entirely covered with a UK decal. And lo and behold, the one and only Woo was driving it. Lady luck has been on my side recently. The strapping Pole turned heads on Saturday at Keeneland as he tried to handicap the ponies. But what made last night special was the truck Woo drove. It was UK’s version of ‘Pimp My Ride.’ Had Bill Keightley gone back into time and designed a car in his twenties, this would have been it. Rims. Chrome. Dual Exhaust. A true Big Blue Machine. There is no mistaking this truck. The Intern said when Woo honked, it played “On! On! U of K.” This is the stuff of legend. What better way to drop your friends off at the bar that in this stylistic piece of machinery. The Oklahoma Sooner Schooner better look out: the Woo Mobile is closing in. Let the day of Lukasz Obrzut reign.

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