Trying to Put on a Happy Face

Trying to Put on a Happy Face

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
happy-face-happyface-smiley-300×300.gif Well this afternoon didnt go too well now did it? In the span of less than an hour, the Big Blue Nation got confirmation that Beas Hamga and Jai Lucas were both headed to other schools after being considered heavy UK leans at some point during the process. In Jai's case the UK leans occurred during a previous administration and the change to Billy Clyde led another Billy to slip in and pull a rabbit out of the hat. And in the case of Hamga, much was assumed before Beas had even seen the UK campus. As much as we love Tolly-Ho, it may not compare all that well to a Floyd Mayweather--Oscar DeLa Hoya fight. But the goal here is to stay positive. So what are the things to hang one's hat on today? Well each of the losses may not be significant in the long term. In terms of Lucas, he plays a position in which the Cats are already stacked and his contributions on the court can be filled in the short term by Derrick Jasper and Michael Porter and in the long term by GJ Vilarino and possibly Brandon Jennings. Concerning Hamga, he is a bit of an offensive prospect on a team that needs no more prospects, but actual scoring prowess. In both cases, it is conceivable that the Cats could get someone better in this class (Patterson or Sanchez) and certainly better in 2008.....while also procuring players most closely identifiable with their needs. So there it is....that is the positive reaction. If the Cats get Patterson on Wednesday, this day wont really mean much.....but if not, the day will be of some importance. However Kentucky haters should enjoy this moment now while they can.....for I believe that the days of Kentucky losing recruiting battles are slowly coming to an end. ((Footnote Test))

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