Tuesday Practice Notes From the Offense

Kindsey Bernhardabout 5 years


img_0408 Team Has Had Two Great Days of Practice  The team responded well with a great practice on Monday and today. "Yesterday was a great practice in terms of fundamentals and technique," Gran said. "I thought they came out and responded today. We got to introduce first down and base stuff to them and they handled it very well," Gran said. A loss like the one Kentucky suffered at Florida is not easy, however Drew Barker thinks his team has responded well. "Everyone has had a great attitude and I'm really looking forward to this Saturday," Barker said. The Confidence is Still There Both Gran and Barker think the team has the same amount of confidence that they started with at the beginning of the season. "I mean I think we have good confidence right now. We've had a great two days of practice. We know we can be explosive, so I'm not worried about that at all," Barker said. "They had confidence in the first week and they got hit in the chin. We got hit right in the mouth. What are we going to do? That’s the bottom line," Gran said. Despite and 0-2 start, Gran doesn't believe his team has loss any confidence. Everyone Has the Responsible to Protect the Ball Barker fumbled the ball twice against Southern Miss and Stephen Johnson fumbled once against Florida. The responsible of protecting the ball does not lie solely with the quarterbacks. "It’s our offensive line protecting. It’s our running backs protecting. It’s the receivers getting off the line of scrimmage. It’s everybody," Gran said. Landon Young is Going to Help With Depth The freshman offensive tackle took his first college snap at one of the hardest venues in college football. "I thought he competed. He didn't look like he had deer in the headlights. He embraced it and he made some mistakes, but that's what's gonna happen," Gran said. By the end of the season, Young's experience early on will be very helpful to Kentucky offensive line. Remember that. They Goal of the Offense This Week... To keep the defense of the field. The execution of the offense has to be better, plain and simple. Gran wants to see long, sustained drives. "I want to see us go down and have a 12-play drive and finish, keep our defense — let them drink some dang Gatorade," Gran said. "I said at the beginning, you’ve got to execute all the time. You can’t just be three plays in a row. I really liked where they were today."

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