Tweet Beat: Jorts heads to NYC, Billy puts his #GunsUp, Randall's got a new ride
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Tweet Beat: Jorts heads to NYC, Billy puts his #GunsUp, Randall's got a new ride

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 10 years


With very little news happening in the UK sports world, sometimes we have to look elsewhere for entertainment. Like Twitter. Here are some of the best tweets from the past few days: billyg Last week, Billy Gillispie joined Twitter, and man, they go together like Dr. Pepper and peanut butter crackers. He's even mastered hash tags -- #GunsUp #srsly #CalDoesItBetter #TeeMartinLovesHashTags billyguns "That dirty little--" Waaait, that's not the Louisville "L" he's doing, it's the Texas Tech "Guns Up"! Oh. Okay. jortsnyc Jorts is headed to NYC. Time to break out the fancy jorts? ppat rcobb Randall's new ride is not what you'd expect... rcobbcart ...and I am totally jealous. prariedog1 Perry "Prairie Dog" Stevenson is hilarious on Twitter. Because I couldn't pick just one, he got three entries in this week's Tweet Beat. prariedog2 Who better to ask for tattoo advice than Boogie and Bledsoe? Terrelle Pryor? prariedog3 BURN! Sad, but probably true. Speaking of Darius... darius I don't even know. staceypoole1 To be fair, Stacey didn't tweet this, but he did retweet it, which means he thinks there is some truth to it, right? wayneturner I put this up here because it took me at least a minute to figure out what the hashtag was. nazr Look who also loves Perrin Johnson! ramon Matt, can you take Ramon to the next fancy party you go to? RT, plz?

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