Two Quick Late Notes (including Sypher Update)

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taylorchuck Coach Chuck Smith and "The Legend Killer" Taylor Wyndham, the winners of the UK Football Cornhole Tournament Beisner is doing the night post and will present a great post for everyone, but a couple of quick notes: --- First, I did not attend the Sypher trial due to meetings and events in Lexington. I will be back in the courtroom in the morning. Today the vast majority of time was spent with the police testifying who met with Karen Sypher, when she reported the alleged rape by Rick Pitino. The testimony actually seemed to be quite dry as the US Attorney made the point that Sypher's story often had holes (the big one being that she didnt say Vinny Tatum was at the restaurant until a later meeting) and much was made of the fact that the Detectives found the story unbelieveable. The defense challenged the way the police investigated the matter and the thoroughness of that investigation before the decision was made not to bring a charge. Overall, little was learned and the US Attorney rested after 21 witnesses. Tomorrow, the defense begins its case and the news may pick up a bit. I will be there to let you know. --- I have had some people ask about KSR's football coverage this year. We will have more than in the past, as we have a couple of writers who will be focusing on football going forward. I will be at Media Day on Saturday and we will of course cover the games and practice news as it happens. In general, UK basketball generates more news than football, but we will do our best to get the football in as much as possible. As the season begins, you will see that effort. More from Beisner later tonight....

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