Tyler Herro Embraces the Rex Chapman Hype

Tyler Herro Embraces the Rex Chapman Hype

Nick Roushabout 3 years


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Before Tyler Herro stepped on campus, Kentucky fans compared him to Rex Chapman. Comparing white athletes to other white athletes is what people do.  Why that is the case is a question for another day, but it's reality.  The natural reaction from the KSR crew and Rex was, "pump the brakes."  Tyler Herro will not let us pump the brakes. The Wisconsin wing lit up the Bahamas.  He led the Cats in scoring and didn't do it by living behind the three-point line.  He got buckets off the dribble and was not afraid to dunk on faces.  He's added to his arsenal since the summer trip.  Thursday Calipari said Herro might be a better defender than Keldon Johnson. Just when you thought Herro couldn't do more to impress the Big Blue Nation, he put the hype train in fifth gear at Big Blue Madness. After losing to Immanuel Quickley but just one in the three-point contest, Herro prepared for the dunk contest with a wardrobe change.  Instead of No. 14, Herro wore a Rex Chapman jersey.  The hysterical crowd was not disappointed. https://twitter.com/RoushKSR/status/1050944319564238848 Rex initially encouraged people to slow their roll on the Herro comparison.  “Comparing white players to only other white players is silly,” Chapman told the Courier-Journal after the Bahamas trip. Last night Chapman was honored to see Herro embrace the King Rex hype. https://twitter.com/rex_rexchapman/status/1050951716118630400 Herro's Rex Chapman impersonation was excellent on opening night.  If he can match Chapman's freshman year production -- 16 points per game on 44 percent shooting -- it's going to be a special season in the Bluegrass. [mobile_ad]

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