Time to Bring your "A" Game for Gameday

Time to Bring your "A" Game for Gameday

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
We here at Kentucky Sports Radio are getting really excited for Saturday. For the first time ever, we will continue to creep closer and closer to actually being inside Rupp Arena by doing our live Saturday show from the Hyatt Regency lobby, attached to Rupp Arena. What does this mean.....well it means we will be doing our show, mere feet from the set of ESPN College Gameday in the lobby of Rupp Arena. This means we will be able to whiff the scent of Jay Bilas' hair, touch the smooth skin of Rece Davis and smell the musty odor of Digger Phelps. Yes it will be a brush with stardom, the likes of which we have never seen. When it comes time for the pre-game show, we at Kentucky Sports Radio will be in the Hyatt lobby, thus giving the fans a choice.....do you choose the normal, conventional viewing of "ESPN GAMEDAY" with those boring old farts from ESPN, or do you come and see real superstars like Hubby, the Turkey Hunter.....and oh yes ladies, Chris Tomlin. Its your choice America and we expect that vast majority to head down Ravi Moss way, taking a right at Gregg Doyel Boulevard (who will be sitting in with us) and come visit your good KSR friends. However, what if you choose to see the lame Davis brothers (Hubert and Rece) and foresake your good Kentucky Sports Radio comrades, well then, what then? Because Gameday is in town, this is is the University's chance to finally show itself to be the bastion of intelligence and clever wit, that we all know it to be. We must not let this opportunity go to waste. We must show America.....scratch that, THE WORLD, that Kentucky is not only where the sun shines bright, but where the glib intersects with the profound....where the spoken word is only topped by the printed voice.....where the land is equal parts OH Napier and Wendell Barry.....yes Kentucky, we must show what we are all about. We here at Kentucky Sports Radio wont be there to hold the signs....as we are saddled with the burden of trying to entertain the masses.. Thus we must live vicariously through you. Therefore, we want to use this thread to come up with the BEST SIGNS possible for the ESPN show. Now these cant be run of the mill "Noah is Gay" signs.....that wont do. We need clever, thought-provoking symbols of hilarity that will live for ages. Thus we say, use the comments section to give your best ideas....we will pick the best ones on here and ensure that they make their way in front of the ESPN Cameras. Come on Cats fans, I know you can do it.....show me what you got!

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