UK baseball versus Ball St

by:Matt Jones05/31/06
The big UK news today is not basketball or football, but from the baseball team, where the University of Kentucky found out that it will be hosting a regional in Lexington this week to try and earn its first ever spot in the College World Series. The Cats open up at home on Friday against Ball St in a matchup between the regular season SEC and MAC champions. Other teams in the sub regional are Notre Dame and the College of Charleston. The teams will play a double elimination tournament, with the winner moving on to the Super regional, where a spot at the College World Series is at stake. Now I will not claim to know one thing about Ball St baseball. As a matter of fact, I am confident that no one knows anything about Ball St baseball, including the players that play it. But I do know a little something about Ball St. First of all, it is the alma mater of David Letterman, the funniest man in America and one of my actual heroes....and anyone out there, including you Turkey Hunter, who legitimately believe that Jay Leno is better are truly misguided souls. Jay Leno cannot hold Letterman's hairpiece....and you can quote me on that. Ball St was also the former home of Rick Majerus, who is most famous for living in a hotel, being really fat and making the bizarre comment about Ashley Judd during the UK-Tennessee game two season ago. However the best piece of Ball St news in recent years was the unearthing of the "Boom Goes the Dynamite" guy. For those of you who have never seen this segment, the video is truly one of the funniest and saddest things I have ever seen. Thus Ball St brings the Letterman, Majerus, Boom Goes the Dynamite power to Lexington to face the Cats at Cliff Hagan Stadium on Friday. Reserved tickets are now sold out and it looks like it may be a full house for a college baseball game in occurrence that I am not sure has happened in a number of years. With the possibility of Coach Cohen leaving for greener pastures (watch out for the LSU job opening), this could be the year to catch the Cats. I of course will likely not be there (I boycott all aluminum bats), but if you like that sort of thing you better go now....such success may be fleeting.

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