UK Fans of the Day are Ready for Afternoon Notes

Matt Jonesover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
owensboro These students from Owensboro Catholic High School who got to take a Senior trip to Rupp Arena for the Hartford game (for the record my Senior Trip was to Kings Island) are ready for some news: 1. Joker Phillips is being officially named football coach as we speak. The press conference is to begin at 3:08 pm because he wore number 8 in college. We will have more on Joker a bit later. 2. UK basketball players are having Camp Cal this week until Thursday. That means three-a-day practices and all kinds of crazy shenanigans to get ready for conference play. 3. I got a phone call from Andy Katz today, saying he read the post and listened to the podcast and thought it was all funny. He also promises to do the podcast for Gameday Saturday, if not before over the phone. My hopes will not be raised this time. Beisner says Katz has won me back over and I am a sucker, but Beisner is also having a baby, so we know we cant listen to him. 4. Speaking of Boutros Boutros Beisner, it has not been born. Use the comments to suggest other good potential names for Baby Beez. 5. There might be a Live Blog tonight...depends on if we get enough snow for the Turkey Hunter, Bruce and I to go sledding...if so it will be late and potentially scandalous. I am super busy today, so this goes quick. Dont get snowed in!

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