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powerrangers A number of things to get to, so lets have at it: --- In case you havent heard yet, the UK Women's team comes in at #9 in the preseason poll from AP. That is the second highest in school history and cause for celebration for Coach Matthew Mitchell and his fine women's team. I plan on going to more games from the UK Hoopsters than in any year previous and KSR is considering making the road trip down to Durham to watch the girls beat up on my law alma mater. This is a seriously fun team to see and I hope the fans go in droves to Memorial for the games. --- Remember that the Calipari Coach's Clinic is Saturday at Rupp Arena, and is open to the public. I actually think this is a really cool event, with fans being able to see Calipari run a practice, something that once done, gives you a greater appreciation for how his offense and defense runs efficiently. It is definitely worth going to if you have nothing else this Saturday. --- If you missed it last night, Wyatt Cenac of the Daily Show did the John Wall Dance, as they taped live before a DC audience. Very cool moment from my favorite non-Jon Stewart person on the show. --- Little Kentucky news for you politically...if the Republicans take the House, reports are that my 5th District Congressman, Hal Rogers will lead the Appropriations Committee (aka, the committee that hands out money to Districts across America). Everything in Southeastern Kentucky is named after Hal Rogers as he has been the king of bringing federal money into the area...not sure if the Tea Party folks will like the King of Pork in that role, but my SE Kentucky brethren sure will. --- If I said to you that the Campbell County Attorney's race would get MTV's attention, would you have believed me? Well you should. Apparently one of the candidates was trying to paint his opponent as a friend to "child molesters and other deviants" and thus sent out a flyer with pictures of the type of people he had defended in the past. The only thing is that candidate Jim Daley didnt realize he was showing pictures of the bands Disturbed and Sevenfold. The bands found out, are now sending cease and desist letters and music fans everywhere are laughing at the absurdity. Nice work Campbell County. Today on the radio, I went into some detail on rumors of when the new arena in Lexington will be announced, where it could be located and what it may be named. Plus, we talked about the football game this weekend, Rick Bozich's Calipari hate and the greatest caller-generated poem in sports radio history, about Rick Pitino and Handsome Jimmy...well worth your weekend listen. Stay tuned all weekend long....

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