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Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
uks Congrats to the KSR crew for a great first day in the new regime. I followed it nonstop, proving that I cannot leave KSR out of my blood no matter what. Everyone did wonderfully and as we add some new staff over the next couple of weeks, you will be very impressed. I plan on using my writing space here to give some thoughts on what is going on in UK land and a "behind the scenes" notion of what I am doing at CBS. If you are like me, the gossipy stuff is as interesting as anything and I cant write that type of thing at my new we do it here...along with a few thoughts on UK-related topics as well. Here we go: 1. If you sense more confidence around the UK land on Enes, you should. While I dont agree with Chad Ford's take that UK believes Kanter will be eligible, I do believe that for the first time since the NY Times published its piece on Kanter, the folks at UK believe they have a fighting chance. Because the NCAA loophole used by Cam Newton essentially states that if the student didnt know what the father did, he cant be published, it isnt clear how the NCAA can add the clause "unless money was actually taken", without justification from the rule. In the end of course, the NCAA can do whatever it wants, but pre-Newton, the folks at UK seemed to think they were headed for a death march. Now there is a small spring in their step. 2. The issue of the football recruiting room that we saw on here earlier is a huge one around the University. When it comes to these facilities, it is a big part of a lack of being able to sell UK to recruits...something that the program's location and history make difficult enough. The picture that was on the site showcases the worst part of the facilities issue and it has been a cause of concern for at least ten years. The administration at UK wants changes as well...but the money has to show up and right now, it isnt there in its current form. 3. I hope people really focus on the Mark Krebs comments on Derrick Jasper and Billy Gillispie. It came on my radio show yesterday and I think it was as revealing a look at the time period as we have seen. I know many people dont like the idea of digging up the past, but it is important to learn what happened and how it didnt get known (or accepted) so that it does not repeat itself in the future. Mark Krebs speaking publically is the first step, but I expect more former players will talk as well in the future. And then of course there is the proposed book by Michael Porter, which could take it all to another level. 4. Congrats to Randall Cobb on being only the third UK player in 30 years to be First-Team AP All-American. Enjoy the Bowl game folks, as it seems to me that there are very few rational reasons for Cobb to return. Add to that the fact that a couple of Cobb's former teammates saw their stock drop after returning and getting injured (Lindley/Locke), and you could see why he would choose to go. I do hope he returns however, as he is amazing. Check out the radio show tomorrow as we get ready for Thursday's KSR BLIND DATE, as we put a female and male listener together for a blind date at the UK-Miss Valley State game. Dont miss it. Thanks for all the kind words and support that everyone has given me over the last 24 hours. I am still sad about not doing the site daily but I am so appreciative of all of you who say that you love it. Lets keep the train rolling.... UPDATE: Cards and Vols go down to Drexel and Oakland...all I can say is that tomorrow's radio show will be FUNNNNNNN

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