UK Football Getting it DONE In Louisville

Matt Jonesalmost 13 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
joker This post is from a poster on InsidetheVille (the big UL message board) who claims to be a coach at Louisville Central High School. This shows just what a job Joker and the boys from UK have done in putting a stamp in the Louisville area.... (hat tip to Kentucky Sports Report) Lets not put it all on Kragthorpe because NCAA rules restrict how many times a head coach can enter a high school. I will say this though, assistants from UK, Illinois, and Cincy and Arkansas have been in the building multiple times and all have made offers to at least one and some multiple players on the Louisville Central football team. I know it was a different time but I played at UofL with guys that are not as good as some of the kids that I coach at LC. Trust me when I say that myself, Ty Scroggins, Leland Taylor, and Doug Lucas all bleed red and black but regardless of how much we push a player in a certain situation they are going to go where they feel wanted. I would never knock the University that came into the hood of St. Louis and gave me an opportunity to get out. Do I think that they are missing on some really good kids regardless of where in the state of Kentucky they are absolutely. Mister Percy Cobble is the most dominate and consistant defensive lineman that I have seen in High School. He would have definately been the next Okoye in the red and black. Check out the message boards concerning Kentucky High school football and all the coaches and players on those boards will tell you that he was unblockable with 2 kids. It is not the typical "He is bigger than everybody else" type of kid either. He is modest for DT standards at 6'2 285. Ridge Wilson has the size of a future NFL player at 6'4 210 lbs. He is 17 years old with no body fat. I was 6'2 196 lbs my first day on campus. Given a top notch strength and conditioning program like we have at UofL I can see him putting on 20-25 lbs of muscle and dominating TE's in 2 years. He is going to be just as good if not better than Dexter Heyman and he would be able to stay on the field on 3rd down because he is great in coverage. To put icing on the cake these young men have won 2 state championships the past 2 years and went to the final 4 the year prior to those. They have played up in competition in nearly every non district game. I hope we get the kids that we decided to go after rather than pick fruit from our own backyard. I would have much rather went to UofL games to see them play rather than watch tape delayed games of UK play because regardless of how much I love these kids not quite sure I can sit in Blue Country.

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