UK Freshmen (and Willie) Getting Preseason Honors

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Aritcle written by:Corey NicholsCorey Nichols
mr-all-american-slide Photo via Fruitbat. Basketball season never stops, which is why it's still appropriate to talk about it in May, on the Sunday after Derby.  Because it's always relevant.  And in looking forward to next season, has made their own list of All-American choices.  Surprising no one, Kentucky players had their fair share of representation. Those Wildcats, and the teams they made, are as follows: -Julius Randle, Fr. PF, AA 2nd Team, All-Freshman 1st Team -Willie Cauley-Stein, So. C, AA 3rd Team -Andrew Harrison, Fr. G, AA 3rd Team, All-Freshman 1st Team -Aaron Harrison, Fr. G, All-Freshman 1st Team -Dakari Johnson, Fr. C, All-Freshman 2nd Team You might be upset that those rankings seem a bit low, but keep in mind that putting freshmen on AA teams is typically avoided.  With so little to go on, media folks balk at putting too much hype on the incoming guys.  For example, Jabari Parker, previously heralded as the best high school player since LeBron, made the 4th Team.  So keep that in mind before you make any complaints about Andrew Harrison "only" making the 3rd Team. So, all things considered, Kentucky fared pretty well, comprising a whole 16% of the total All-American squads.  There's a reason basketball season never stops here; it's because there's so much to look forward to. Also on the list?  Andrew Wiggins, of course, who made the 1st Team All-American squad.  As if we were looking for another reason to covet this guy.

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