UK releases statement on Rod Strickland's arrest

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonabout 9 years


UK has released an update on Rod Strickland's arrest from this morning:
Rod Strickland was pulled over this morning in Lexington on a routine traffic stop on the way to the office. According to police reports, he was pulled over for failure to signal and for driving with a suspended license. According to Strickland, his vehicle was properly registered and he produced his driver's license at the scene. We are currently gathering information on whether his license was suspended due to a clerical error which led to his arrest.
In case it wasn't made clear enough, Strickland was NOT pulled over for a DUI. He was pulled over for not using a turn signal, at which point the cops ran his record and discovered his license was still suspended from his September 2010 DUI arrest. Contrary to the police report, Strickland claims his vehicle was properly registered, and his license still being suspended may have been a clerical error. Be careful to getcher facts straight before you pass judgment.

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