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Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
winner2 winner1 Congrats to our two winners from the KSR Halloween Contest. After tallying the votes from the KSRers and looking at the comments, we decided that Poison Ivy took the attractive costume contest and the Clue figures took the creative one. Both winners should contact me at [email protected] to discuss claiming their prize. A few notes from the afternoon: --- We start the afternoon with this interesting article from Gregg Doyel about the Enes Kanter decision and how it perplexes the man with the mohawk. Gregg wonders how a football player can make millions from baseball and still be an amateur, while Kanter cant take $33,000 from a Euro basketball club for education expenses without being considered a pro. With all this positive UK writing, it is looking like Gregg is trying to become the most beloved Kentuckian since Adam Sandler wore that t-shirt in "Funny People." --- Another good article from The Big Lead, where the writer makes the case that Colin Cowherd ranted on John Wall to help close a sitcom deal, noting that he made a big deal on the radio show about all the publicity he was getting for making his outrageous comments. I have always hated Cowherd since he replaced Mr. Tony on the air and his Wall comments only further cemented my position on him. The Big Lead's connection to the sitcom is an interesting one and seems perfectly plausible to me. --- In case you are missing it, the great internet legend Hunter McClintock, a former UK recruit under Billy Clyde, started at Point Guard today for Oral Roberts on ESPN. I remember the Youtube phenomena of McClintock very well and he may be my favorite random non-Poop Tooth player in UK recruiting lore. I hope he does well and dribbles real fancy like. --- We had a great series of conversations on the radio today with Mike Pratt, who gave real insight into the conversations at UK about a new basketball arena/football stadium upgrades. Pratt confirmed on the radio, what I wrote about yesterday...mainly that there are those who believe Commonwealth Stadium simply cant exist beyond ten years for a number of reasons, one of which is the soundness of the structure itself. If you didnt believe me when I said it, listen to Mike say the same thing. It is a real issue folks and it leaves the University with an odd decision of what to do next in terms of renovation or starting anew. We deal with the issue early in hour 1 below. More later:

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