UK vs. Auburn LIVE BLOG, presented by Midnite Rooster

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Flock the Tigers.

An Auburn fan insists his high school JV football team could beat the Wildcats on any given Saturday. They taunt you with malice and toss pejoratives around with blatant disregard for civility. As the resident tailgating extraordinaire, you have 42 hot dogs and 24 hamburgers on the grill (and 18 of those still need cheese)…Your legion of BBN fanatics is counting on you for sustenance, and in order to deliver, you must stay cool, calm, and collected… but how?

Enter Midnite Rooster CBD. That’s how. Whether the upcoming big day has you stressed, or yesterday’s big day has you feeling beat, Midnite Rooster offers a variety of CBD delivery methods aimed at alleviating the daily pains and stressors we all experience all too often. The team at Midnite Rooster has gone above and beyond to earn your trust, with an entirely KY Proud and USDA Organic certified product line. Show your support for the locally owned, Lexington based company by visiting and catching your stress tiger by it’s proverbial tail!

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