Unbelievably, AJ Stewart not yet offered

Matt Jones08/17/06


Article written by:Matt Jones
This next tidbit of news I find amazingly frustrating. Today we taped an interview with Kentucky small forward recruit, AJ Stewart of Jacksonville, Florida who will be the feature guest on the next edition of KSR Radio (coming out on Sunday). AJ was a GREAT interview (maybe the most entertaining we have had) and gave an insight into his recruitment that you very rarely see from these kids. However the information he gave did astound me. I encourage you to hear for yourself on Sunday, but until then, three important notes. (1) AJ found out that he was going to be recruited by UK two months ago, from a KENTUCKY MEDIA MEMBER. AJ said he hadnt heard from UK when a media member called and asked him about Kentucky's interest. AJ told the media person that he didnt know anything about it, but then the next day, a UK coach (he couldnt remember the name) called and began the recruitment. Bizarre. (2) AJ has an in-home visit scheduled with the Cats on September 19. He said that he hopes to make the trip to Midnight Madness and that he hopes to commit to a school sometime before his high school basketball season. (3) Finally, AJ said that UK has NOT OFFERED him a scholarship yet. I must admit that I find this astounding. Here you have a kid that is one of the best small forward prospects left in the country and one of only a couple that Kentucky is even in the mix with. The kid loves UK (I think if we had offered, he may have even already committed), the staff likes him enough to schedule an in-home visit, and yet we STILL havent offered. This becomes even more frustrating when you find out that the kid is friends with Jodie Meeks and Patrick Patterson. He talked about how great it would be to play with him and how much game he thinks he has. There may be a reason for this development. I dont know. But if there is a master plan here, I certainly dont know what it is. This is a kid you WANT in this class. Why not offer? I just dont get it. Also, sorry for the fact that the website was down yesterday. Many tried to download the show and found it inaccessible. Apparently we had some problems with the servers, but it is back up. Here is Episode 1 if you havent yet heard it.

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