Unique UK memorabilia submitted by radio listeners

Drew Franklinabout 9 years


Aritcle written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin


After reading the report of the rise in royalties from the sale of UK licensed merchandise, KSR wondered what kind of merchandise people are buying. We all have shirts, hats and shot glasses, but what unique merchandise and memorabilia is out there? So we asked radio show listeners to send us their wildest UK swag this morning for a chance to win a Final Four print from Stadium Frame. We already gave one print away on the show to a guy who spelled out UK in his roof with blue and white shingles, and we're looking to give another print away to someone in this group of trinkets. Check them out and leave your vote in the comments section... --------------------- A Wildcat driving a tractor pulling the Louisville and SEC mascots... Patrick Patterson lamp... Kat-Nip flask (traveled to '75 and '78 Final Fours)... Kentucky football Matryoshka dolls (purchased in Russia)... And the basketball version... UK toaster... Wildcats gum... University of Kentucky trash bag holder... I don't know what this is... UK coin counting jar... "Tub Club" styrofoam hat... UK tree face... Our friend Kevin Jones and his UK pasta... And your podcast...

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