Updating the race to 2,000

Thomas Beisneralmost 12 years


Aritcle written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
Just in case you haven't been keeping track at home (and I know you have), the race toward 2,000 all-time basketball wins is in its final stretch and, thanks to Billy Gillispie's scheduling and Syracuse, the Cats have widened the gap by 1 and now have a 5-game lead over the Tar Heels.  Kentucky now has 1,994 wins to North Carolina's 1,989 and appears to be a lock to reach the plateau first.  Here's how the remaining games break down: UK 11/30: UNC-Ashville 12/05: UNC 12/09: UConn 12/12: at Indiana 12/19: Austin Peay 12/21: Drexel 12/12: Long Beach State 12/29: Hartford 01/02: Louisville UNC 11/29: Nevada 12/01: Michigan State 12/05: at Kentucky 12/12: Presbyterian 12/19: Texas 12/22: Marshall 12/28: Rutgers 12/30: Albany For the Cats, should they beat both UNC and UConn, they'll likely be winning #2,000 at home against the Fighting Chris McKendry's of Drexel. Even if they should they stumble in one or both of those games, John Calipari's squad will clinch victory in the race to 2,000 at home. However, a loss in both of those games and a Clyde-like upset in one more could mean that the Jan. 2 game with Louisville has an added incentive. ***It should be noted that I do not really care about any of this. Just win the title and I'm cool.

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