USA Today thinks Kentucky is the 101st best team in the nation

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 8 years


helmets-tunnel Over the summer, USA Today is counting down the best teams in college football from #125 to #1. Need a reality check to bring you down from the Stoops high? Paul Myerberg ranks the Cats the 101st best team going into the season with an in-depth profile examining the coaching staff, players to watch, positions of need, important games, and much more. Myerberg says that Stoops and staff have reinvigorated the fan base and are bringing in top talent, but it's not enough to make an immediate turnaround:
I will say that anything is possible, even in the ridiculously deep SEC; I will also say that I think it's more likely Kentucky loses 10 games than it wins six, in my opinion. There's just too much work to be done, too many holes and too many question marks, for this season to end anywhere other than 4-8 — two wins better than last season, remember. Five would be a pleasant surprise; six wins would be shocking. While it's tough to make such a claim in June, this schedule looks like the most difficult in college football.
However, it's not all bad news. While next season may be tough, Myerberg says that help is on the way:
Kentucky has walked back from the ledge that was the 2012 season, embracing a brand-new outlook while envisioning all that could be achieved under a staff willing to scratch and claw their way into the mix in the SEC. Is that exciting or what?
It's pretty darn exciting. Be sure to go check out the article in full. It's worth it, and they give KSR a nice little shoutout. [USA Today: College football countdown | No. 101: Kentucky]

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