Was this not a happy team?

Thomas Beisnerover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
  Whoa, wait a second. Were we lied to? After spending six months watching a group of kids play and appear to be as close as any team in recent memory, reports over the past few days make you wonder if we all saw something that was maybe not the case. According to Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski, things might not have been great all year and it makes you wonder if when Daniel Orton stormed off during the Mississippi State game, maybe that wasn't the whole story. From his Twitter page today:
Kentucky frosh Daniel Orton doesn't love playing for Calipari and Cal doesn't love coaching him, sources say. Expect him to stay in draft. NBA execs and agents say Calipari battled infighting among parents of upperclassmen and underclassmen over playing time, publicity, etc.
As sad as I was for the season to end, hearing this stuff makes it about 1,000 times worse. Oh well.

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